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Our core business includes Luxury Private Transfers and Tours such as: Village Tours, Cultural Tours, adventure, and sightseeing. Greater Kudu Africa and African Dawn Safaris aim to assemble and deliver unique Chic travel experiences to travellers. A Chic experience is a combination of accommodation, transportation, entertainment, and adventure activities.
Greater Kudu Africa and African Dawn Safaris delivers a positive experience for travellers from the beginning of their journey to the end. As a transfers and tour operator we seek to save travellers time and frustration by being a single source for an original vacation experience. We seek to build a community of travellers who share their memorable experiences with fellow, future travellers.
The company’s goal was to establish itself as a leader in sightseeing travel group. Booking Greater Kudu Africa and African Dawn Safaris will provide a trip planner with an easy to understand itinerary with transparent costs of the entire trip. The business will offer a secure, fast, and reliable shopping cart for the traveller that provides them with confirmation of the trip.
The experience with Greater Kudu Africa and African Dawn Safaris services begins during the inspirational phase while visiting the website, continues off-line during the tour, and continues after the trip when travellers have an opportunity to share their experiences. This section specifically refers to the off-line experience of the tour that begins as soon as a traveller arrives at the airport.

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